Can An Arrest Warrant Be Issued For Unpaid
Traffic Warrants

A warrant in some states can be issued for an unpaid traffic ticket or failure to appear in court to resolve a traffic fine. If you are arrested, typically you're granted a continuance to appear in court or a person acting on your behalf is required to post bail ordered by a judge for your release. 

Regardless, if you think you have a warrant for failure to appear or other criminal infractions it makes sense to seek a professional attorney. If you would like a second opinion regarding your case or feel you need professional advice visit

It's important to note that a person can indeed be arrested and put in jail for traffic violations that have not been resolved. If you're pulled over by the police and have any outstanding traffic violations, law enforcement has the right to take you into custody. The state doesn't really want to use it's resources to arrest a person for unsatisfied traffic violations or a failure to appear for a court date. Being arrested for a traffic violation is easily avoidable if you pay your fines on time and appear in court when appointed.

If you accrue enough unpaid traffic violations or ignore a traffic warrant for a period of time, you can expect a suspension of your driver's license. If you drive with a suspended license and get pulled over (whether or not you're aware of it) you will face further fines due to the existing traffic warrant(s). You will be charged with driving without a valid license and have to answer for the outstanding warrants in addition to whatever reason you were stopped for in the first place.

You may be classified as a habitual offender if you've been fined with recurring violations, have a traffic warrant that has gone unpaid for some time, or are caught driving on a suspended license. If this be the case you could lose your license for up to five (5) years or more. As you can see ignoring your traffic violations will eventually cost you significant problems and unwanted fines.
What Are Your Legal Rights If you Get Pulled Over for a DUI
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What Are Your Legal Rights
If you Get Pulled Over for a DUI
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