How Do I Know If I have a Pending Warrant

If you aren't sure if you or someone you know has an outstanding arrest warrant or what state the warrant was issued, then the first step is to run a background check by name. The simplest way to do this is to use an online nationwide search system like Once you discover there's an outstanding warrant, you'll need to address the issue with the legal system. In addressing the outstanding warrant you will eventually need a valid copy from the court registry of the record for legal purposes. Depending on how serious the nature of the warrant, the individual should seek the advice of an attorney in the area of the law the warrant pertains to.

Typically, a warrant is restricted to the state in which it was issued. But, depending on the circumstances an agency can issue a warrant into the interstate lien system and the warrant is then served interstate. Usually felony crimes that are serious in nature fall into this category. This means an individual can be extradited back to the state the warrant was issued to appear in court even if they don't reside there.

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